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Cellular Healing Enrollment

Registration is not complete until both enrollment form and deposit are received.

The Deposit is $350.00 ($150.00 for returning students).


Thank you!


ONLINE Registration is a 2-step Process
Complete all fields in the form below and click SUBMIT. Review your Registration and click DONE. This will take you to the deposit page.
You will then be redirected to our Course Deposits Page. Select the CE Practitioner Training Deposit (for first time or returning students) and complete our secure payment process using VISA or MASTERCARD
NOTE: Registration is not complete until both form and payment are received. No classes scheduled at this time.  Please check back for updates for 2025.  
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in class!

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13. Please enter the dates of the class in which you wish to enroll:

14. Current Health Conditions

Please answer all of the following questions. Returning students, please update your answers. There are no right or wrong answers; these questions are designed to help us serve you better. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

15. What is your experience with meditation and spiritual practices?

16. Do you have a history of psychiatric care?

Please describe so we may so we may support your participation in class.

17. What do you want to achieve in this class?

Be specific and take as much space as you need.

18. How did you hear about Cellular Expansion?

19. Your name exactly as you want it on certificate:


Deposit via VISA or MASTERCARD is due with Registration. $350 for first-time students. $150 for returning students. Click SUBMIT, scroll down to review your Enrollment information, then click DONE. You will then be redirected to our COURSE DEPOSIT page. Please choose the appropriate CE Practitioner Training Deposit (first-time or returning student) and complete our secure payment process. Registration is not complete until both the form and deposit are received. Thank you.

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Please complete the Verifier for security purposes in order to submit the form. Thank you.
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