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Healing and Holidays: Creating the Holidays you Desire

by Deb Schnitta

The energy of the season seems to pick up earlier and earlier each year. It's not just the advertisements and sales that begin before Thanksgiving; it's a sense of urgency that seems to permeate the air.

Often this becomes the energy of the season, to rush, to scramble and let's face it, to put self-care on the back burner, untill after the holidays.

But what if there was an easy way to disconnect from the sea of bombardment and find peace? Imagine carrying through life, amidst all the hustle and excitement from a place of gratitude and peace.

Of course as spiritual beings, this is what we do daily. As human beings in partnership with our spiritual selves, it can be easy to loose our center, whether in the midst of holiday activities or other aspects of daily life.

When we loose our center, we join the largest flow around us. This often happens unconsciously and we find ourselves at the mercy of what is milling about, whether it is lack, anxiety or chaos. We respond from there, often unaware that this has transpired.

Three simple steps to remember who we truly are can change the course of the holidays, as well as each and every day. By doing these we act from our larger consciousness, we evolve our relationships and we create the harmony we desire both as personalities and as our larger Selves.

First, begin by taking a breath. You may not even notice the tension in your body until you do so. We learn as children to be beings of doing activities. As adults, we take on roles of multi tasking, coordinating and pushing through to what is next. In this process we disconnect from our bodies, we disconnect form our Selves.

In this single breath, we invite in the largeness that is us. It may just seem as if we are coming back to a moment of quiet, a place of peace. It may seem as if the chaos all around us slows to a pace that is calm. The activities are the same; the influence upon us is not.

As you breathe in, turn your awareness to your heart. It may help to visualize the center of your chest, feel the rhythm of its beating. Sense the steadiness here. Imagine each beat is calling you inward, drawing you to the depth of you wisdom and power.

As you do this, you may notice a spontaneous deep breath as the body recognizes the state of connection that has just occurred. There is more of you here now.

From this place of peace, the stillness of your breath, ask yourself the following question:

What do I want to create here now?

Be willing to wait for the answer. Be willing to be surprised by the voice of wisdom that emerges from within.

It may be a simple statement, such as I want to finish this shopping easily and joyfully. It may be more complex, such as I desire to come from an open heart in this conversation with my family.

Simply take the next breath and imagine this intention going out into the world, carried by each and very beat of your heart.

As we return to a moment of silence, an opening for grace, we invite in our wisdom. We recognize our creative power as spiritual beings, and we create the world that we desire.

When we learn to do this every day, we create life as an expression of who we truly are, and in the process, we learn about our selves more fully. We may learn for instance how we push others away all the while desiring connection. We learn as the human aspect of ourselves, so that we may evolve and offer more of our consciousness to the larger aspects of our selves. When we come from here, even if only for a moment, we create great change, in ourselves, in our families and in the world.

To facilitate healing during the holidays and everyday, we offer a free distance healing using the energy of cellular expansion and healing.

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