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Payment Plan

In order to support individuals attending the Three Pillars of Evolution: Opening and Aligning with Higher Consciousness - Living a Life of Ease, Abundance, Joy and Service, we have instituted a payment plan option.

To participate under this plan you must provide a VISA or MASTERCARD so that we have that on file. Your card will be charged as noted below. You must also check this option on the registration form. 

The usual payment schedule is as follows: Deposit of $250.00 for all students due on February 20, 2015 with registration, then payments of $400.00 at the beginning of each class or $600 for Extension students.

Under the payment plan option the schedule is as follows:

The initial deposit of 250.00 is due on February 20, 2015

Subsequent payments are on the 1st of each month.  


                        General Class                      Extension Class

March 1           $183                            $272


April 1             $183                            $272


May 1              $183                            $272


June 1             $183                            $272


July 1              $183                            $272


Aug 1              $183                            $272


Sept 1             $183                            $272


Oct 1               $183                            $272


Nov 1              $184                            $272

Please note that in the payment schedule option there is a $48.00 fee to cover a portion of bank fees and administrative costs incurred in the payment plan option, bringing the total for tuition to $1,648 for General Class and $2,448 for Extension Class.  (this total does not include the $250 initial deposit). The $48 fee is rolled into the payment schedule above.