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Distance Healing

What is Distance Healing?
Cellular Expansion and Healing, known as CE, is very effective as a long distance healing modality to support health, wellness and issues that arise as part of spiritual development / evolution. Distance healing is done when the practitioner and client are not in the same room.

Long Distance Healing is for individuals who:

  • Are experiencing health concerns which make traveling to an office a difficulty
  • Desire to receive healing effects in the privacy of their own home
  • Live in an area where there are no trained CE practitioners
  • Animals that may receive greater benefit in their own familiar environment

Scientific Research
Distance healing has been researched in several scientific studies. A recent double-blind study with UCSF was published in the Western Journal of Medicine, which showed the positive effects of distance healing on AIDS patients. Patients who received distance healing spent one-sixth the time in the hospital and contracted one-third the AIDS related illnesses as those who did not receive distance healing. Deb Schnitta, the originator of CE, was one of thirty healers chosen from around the country to participate in this study.

The process of receiving a distance CE session is similar to being in an office of a practitioner. As a client, you set an intention, describing an area with which you would like to receive healing and support. At the agreed time, the practitioner performs the healing work, all the while holding you and your intention in their awareness.

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