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Healing & Evolution

Profound Change
Healing almost always leads to a deeper awareness of who we are. In many cases, it also leads to evolution, the profound change of the individual where he or she is no longer the same. In spiritual terms it can be as profound as witnessing the completion of one set of life tasks and the beginning of the next, the actual evolution of the Soul itself.

Often when faced with the desire for healing of illness or discomfort the focus can be on the immediate relief of symptoms or the desire for the illness to “go away.”

Insight Arises
However, at some point in the quest for healing, usually an insight arises about life as the way it is now or how it has been in the past. These insights are often seen as gifts or benefits that arise because energy (time, effort and consciousness) has been brought more fully to the issues at hand.

Seeking healing moves from the immediate physical or emotional needs and begins to take a more holistic view. Thoughts such as I would like my life to work more fluidly or I am taking time to slow down and find what is important to me begin to arise.

Evolution Begins
These thoughts represent a beginning view of evolution. They have been present all along, perhaps dormant just below the surface. A call, the need for health, a scare of some sort often is the precursor to beginning to look at life more fully. It may be that the changes are radical in nature or slow and subtle, but with impact. The changes that transpire often lead the way for deep and lasting healing to occur.

Looking Deeper than the Symptoms
Symptoms are an opportunity to look more deeply inward, to view the world from a different vantage point and to begin to comprehend from that perspective what is needed for balance to occur. This balance may be physical, as in the need for more rest. It may be emotional as in the desire for greater capacity of sharing emotions or resolving past hurts, mental in the form of understanding what is actually transpiring in the present rather than resurfacing the views of the future. It may also be spiritual and in the case of evolution, usually is.

An Altered Perspective
Spiritual evolution is the change in perspective that is lasting, whereby the individual is not the same as he or she once was. It may be that personal values are revisited. It may be that larger goals come into play (the why am I here, or what is my purpose aspect of the human condition.) Or it may be that the Soul itself has the opportunity to realize its capacity in this lifetime. This realization can be thought of as the ultimate expression of partnership between the Soul and personality. True evolution requires both of these aspects of you to be present and engaging with the tasks at hand.

As the individual engages in the process of evolution, there are often profound changes that occur. I have witnessed these most fully in individuals faced with life threatening illnesses such as cancer. For them a sense of urgency or survival with a diagnosis tends to stimulate the forward movement of healing. I have often viewed these dramatic changes most fully with special needs children as they evolve and heal past where modern science expects them to be.

Healing is a Process
True change just like true healing happens from the inside out. It is not something that is done to you or for you. It is a process that may be supported by others and nurtured as the individual begins to move more fully into his or her birthright. In many ways it is the unlayering of what no longer serves that individual, the letting go of old perceptions and the rebirthing of what feeds the greatest capacity of that person now.

Amazing Children
I think I have had the opportunity to witness this in children most fully in part because they have not yet had the years and circumstances that we as adults endure as we create life and interactions with others. They are less defended and mired in their history and patterns. For me special needs children embody this the most, having often experienced profound struggle or disconnection early in life as they make their way back to wholeness. We have so much to learn from these children and them so much to teach.

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