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Who We Are

Our Commitment
At Vanati we are committed to the evolution of the planet through supporting the spiritual evolution of those that seek accelerated transformation.

Spiritual evolution involves both the ability to hold more spiritual light, what some refer to as ascension, as well as the capacity for the personality / ego partner to evolve, to become more supple and open so that the evolving light that is you can have impact.

Having conscious connection with your Soul as a partner builds the bridge between ascension and living a life of presence in all you do.

That's why all of the Vanati offerings support Soul Connection and Spiritual Evolution.

Our Growth
Over many years of supporting people on their spiritual path, we’ve recognized that working in partnership with Spirit brings the greatest results.  When we each connect with both our inner wisdom and higher guidance we are able to see the world in new ways.

Seeing differently is the first step to acting differently. Seeing opportunity encourages us to step forward and take a risk. Seeing inclusively allows us to understand the impact we have on all of those around us. When we embrace who we are we awaken our true unlimited potential; we wake to new worlds.

Our Belief
Worlds without suffering are possible. Worlds without lack are possible. Worlds that are inclusive, loving and abundant are indeed possible. Each step in creating a new world view begins with one person- it begins with you, it begins with me.

Students at Vanati are interested in making a difference in their lives, in the lives of their families, in their communities and in the world. Join us in deepening your discovery of who you are, your highest purpose and learn how to create in a fully supported fashion that invites you to be the largeness that you are...Now.

Our Energy Healers
Pioneers in Energy Medicine, Pauline Dishler, CRNA, M.Ed. and Deb Schnitta, RN of VANATI, combine their vast knowledge of energy medicine with traditional nursing backgrounds to provide a grounded, clear and concise understanding of how energy affects our daily lives and from here how to achieve the results you desire. Through teachings offered through an expansive state of consciousness students learn to embrace the fullness of who they are and create new ways of being in the world.

Our Revolutionary Healing Modality
Cellular Expansion and Healing
(CE)- pioneered by Deb Schnitta- is a form of hands-on energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells and moves the consciousness of the distortion back to balance. An accelerated path of spiritual development, CE supports living a life consciously as your Soul.

With CE, the relief of constrictions allows for physical, emotional and mental healing at the root cause, and supports living a life of joy. Inclusive & complementary to other modalities, CE has supported healing for those working with arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, depression and life issues that affect relationships, job, happiness, etc.

Through their Energy Healing Programs, a revolutionary approach that uses the transformative energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing to open pathways of healing and spiritual development, individuals are supported at the level of their cells to move beyond limitations with great ease.

Many have reported astounding success, even with no prior experience with meditation. Advanced meditators and students of consciousness are astounded at how expansive the Vanati Energy Healing Programs are.

Our Hope
We hope you find our website to be useful and enlightening to help support your path of personal growth and transformation. We would love to hear from you with questions, comments, thoughts, or intentions. Please feel free to Contact Us at your convenience.