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Healing for Children - FAQ's

We have included some of the most common questions we receive regarding Cellular Expansion and Healing for Children. We invite you to review this information as many find it useful as they begin CE.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel welcome to use our
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When will you work with my child?
Sessions occur on Wednesdays and are done as a distance healing. The specific time is determined by the sleep time of your child that you will note in your application. During that time period Deb will turn her awareness toward your child and begin the energy work of Cellular Expansion and Healing. It is not necessary to contact us if your child is up later than usual etc. Deb is able to sense when an appropriate time to engage with your child is based on the energy. When it is not the right time, it feels like a door that is locked. When it is the right time, it feels more like a doorknob that turns easily.

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How long will you work with my child each session?
The length of the session varies, depending on the needs of your individual child. Collectively it is never less than a half hour. Often children need short bursts of energy and support, followed by a waiting period on the same night and then additional work. Deb has found over the years that working while the child is sleeping is very effective and creates an undisturbed time period for the work to occur. It interferes less with family time and does not require an active child to stop other activities and lay still.

Do I need to do anything special for bedtime on these nights?
It is not necessary for you to alter your child’s sleep routine in any way for CE to be beneficial. If there are other activities you use during sleep time (sound programs, etc.), Debmay ask you to refrain from using those in the beginning to provide a clear assessment opportunity.

How do you know if this can help my child?
Initially three consecutive sessions are required in order for Deb to assess fully your child’s needs and response to the energy offered. These sessions are done once a week for three weeks. Often the body displays openness as if it is recognizing a food source that helps the healing process. Between each scheduled session, there are changes that occur within the cells themselves. At each subsequent follow-up session, Deb is able to assess whether the changes that occurred at the previous session have remained and what is needed to promote ongoing healing for your child. During this time, each child demonstrates his or her own propensity for growth, and what the body needs to support healing.

After this time period, you will receive a detailed report of findings by e-mail as well as impressions about what may be beneficial for your child to promote health and healing. Deb will also indicate whether or not I believe CE can be of assistance, and if so the frequency of future sessions. If CE is not a good match for your child, she will make other recommendations at this time as well. This report is sent via e-mail by the end of the week in which the third session occurs; this is to provide time to assess your child’s responses to treatment.

While we realize that there is often an eagerness on the family’s part to know if this can be helpful, Deb finds that it is advantageous to allow three sessions for a full assessment. During this time, Deb is exploring how the body responds to the energy, what changes transpire, as well as whether or not those changes remain between sessions.

How many sessions will be needed?
Often illnesses or issues that are complex take a longer period of time to resolve. However, dramatic changes have been seen within a few sessions.

Challenges such as CP, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder often require treatment over a series of months. Lasting change, rather than improvement followed by a re-emergence of symptoms, requires a tapering of sessions rather than an abrupt termination of services. These factors, as well as the unique challenges and circumstances your child is exploring, all have a direct impact on the proposed treatment plan

If it is determined that CE would be beneficial for your child, a Next Steps Treatment Plan will be recommended, in addition to the date of your next report.

The number and frequency of sessions are determined based upon your child’s needs and are adjusted based on my findings during each session. If, for instance, it is recommended that 8 consecutive sessions be completed and the desired change occurs sooner, then you will be contacted with a new treatment plan.

Every consideration is made to keep treatment as streamlined as possible. Recommendations are made as to what the ideal treatment plan would be and families make the ultimate decision based on many factors including finances. Issues that are long standing or complex often take more time to resolve for change to be noticed.

What are others saying about the results of CE treatments for their child?
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How does communication occur?
To assist in meeting your child’s needs, please send an e-mail update each Monday that you are scheduled for treatment. In this update, include any relevant information about your child’s week, or time period since the last CE treatment.

If you were in my office this might be the answer to the question, “How has his/ her week been?” Perhaps your child has a cold? Went for an exciting visit? Has had something different develop, improvement in eating, less agitation, difficulty sleeping etc. It can be as brief or as in-depth as you would like. It is your opportunity to provide me a glimpse of your child through your eyes. I find this to be an invaluable source of information.

Also at this time is your opportunity to include any questions you may have. Although Deb may not answer these directly at that time, she will include them in your next scheduled report.

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