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Case Studies
John   Kathy   Jane   Michael  


A young child with rare genetic illness makes lasting progress and according to physicians is the only one with this illness that is thriving!

John was born with a rare metabolic disorder that impedes his body's ability to take in nutrients in a way to support life. There are currently 20 known cases in the US and Canada.

When I first saw John, he was shy, thin, pale and tentative about the world around him. He was underweight, did not speak well and had difficulty following two step commands.

After our first session, John began eating what his mom described as normal amounts, "…as if something inside him had been turned on."

We augmented these changes with regular distance healing sessions, to allow for support as his body and all the aspects of his evolving nature began to come together more fully.

Now thriving, he has gained weight and eating healthy amounts is no longer an issue. He has begun to catch up socially and developmentally and is enjoying teaching his older brother about payback! He is far more interactive, inquisitive about the world around him and seems to be heading towards a deep level of healing. Recently he was discharged from special services and has met all his developmental milestones.

As of 4/09 his doctors report: John is the only child with a cobalamin disorder who is thriving, and on target with all milestones! John had his 6yr check up last month, and also blood work with the metabolic dr.  He is doing spectacularly well!  His weight was about the 50%, and ht around 75%, and his blood wk was perfect.

His metabolic specialist would like you to speak to a researcher who specializes in cobalamin disorders.. 

Chronic knee pain unresolved with surgery

Kathy had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a tear and damage that had occurred over many years. Despite successful surgery, she continued to be plagued by discomfort that required pain medicine and taking time off from work. After further consultation, her surgeon recommended additional surgery to help the healing process.

Kathy came to our Complementary Medicine Conference in November 2004. During the group healing experience, she felt warmth and tingling move through her knee. She recalled being filled with hope that something could be different in her life.

Three days later, she contacted us to share her experience and let us know her pain was completely gone. As of April 2009, she remains pain free and is no longer looking toward surgery.

Child with learn disability excels
11 year old goes from failing grades to honor roll in 3 months after CE sessions.
Jane struggled in school for years, and her parents struggled with how to help her. Arguments about homework were nightly occurrences.

In my office during our second session, Jane had an integration of a split in her nervous system during a Cellular Expansion and Healing Session. Within two months her grades and attitude had improved greatly!

Now 13, school is no longer an issue and Jane enjoys ease in the developmental areas of her life.

Uncontrolled diabetes returns to balance in all areas of life.
Thirty-eight and recently diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes, Michael was hospitalized three times in two months for treatment and attempts to get his diabetes under control.

During our healing sessions, Michael identified that the symptoms of diabetes had been present for awhile and he had simply ignored them, looking to push past any inconvenience.

Four months of regular CE sessions, and good medical care, and Michael is now off all insulin and feeling healthy. He has worked through his self care issues and feels he can live a long healthy life with awareness for his body’s needs.\

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