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Q. I have been on a spiritual path for many years and consider myself to be a kind hearted person. Despite this I continue to have one difficult challenge after another, often related to lack. What do I need to do to shift this?

A. It can become confusing for the mind when the outer world does not reflect your understanding of your inner world. The world of form and matter ( jobs, people, circumstances etc) respond  to the resonance of your inner light. But these same elements also have personal choice or free will. An example of this is that no matter how hard you try you cannot change the actions of another, you can only change the impact these actions have upon you.

Beyond this is the element of your understanding of your inner light. Often in spiritual practice the light or awakened aspects feel good, and therefore gather more attention and awareness. And while this is indeed part of the path of learning, to get to know oneself as light, it is only part of the path.

For every desired effect, for instance to open to abundance in some area of your life, exists in the present moment some other element of consciousness that currently occupies the place of this future belief and expression. You may have hidden beliefs that you are not worthy of goodness, or that abundance in any form is acceptable, as long as you work hard to achieve that abundance.

The true focus of all spiritual paths is to open the seeker to his or her innate nature. As this deepens, there is no separation. Even the thought, I may have abundance if I work hard, is an expression of separation. It implies that the I of the ego is all that makes something happen. Of course, the educated spiritual mind knows this is not true. However, knowing this does not make something manifest if there is no space for it to appear. As the veil of separation between personality and spirit is lifted then the easy of the Universe guides all actions and creations.

Of course, here lies the next dilemma! As the ease occurs then the personality is faced with the gift of discovery of what lies within the unconsciousness that prevents this ease from unfolding in all areas of life. In this way, the act of conscious creation is an excellent laboratory for the evolving personality to open more freely and embrace its role as partner to the Soul.

To help this process, use this exercise:
1.    Write down what you desire to create, in a simple sentence.

2.    Next, as you continue to quiet your mind, ask yourself what would you need to release in order for this to occur.
Be willing to wait in silence and receive what arises from a place of neutrality. Often the mind is surprised to hear what remnants from the past, what distortions and beliefs are present.

3.    Ask your Soul to assist you in creating this next place of expansion in your life. Identify three simple steps you can take now to invite that expansion in now. ( ie, spending time in quiet every day.)

4.    Use the Vanati Healing Energy Program: Extending Connection to an Area  of Your Life to learn as energy to open freely to what you desire. Augment your process of discovery with our free distance healing, and the free Daily Intention program.

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