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Previous Articles by Deb Schnitta

Many of these articles have appeared in journals throughout the country. Please feel free to pass them along to others you feel would benefit.

Opening - Creating What is Next 

Opening the Heart to Embrace the Present

Conscious Creation: A Bridge to Enlightenment

 Making Choices from the Highest Perspective

Giving as a Doorway to Peace

Dispelling Illusions 

Living as Your Soul

Soul Connection

Understanding Polarity: Shifting How We View the World

Expansion: Living from Grace

Being Peace: Regardless of What is Transpiring Around You
Soul Intention: Manifesting Life Work

Creating with Intention: Harnessing the Power of the Universe  

Making a Difference: Creating with your Soul

Transforming Limitations: Expanding in the Moment

What is a Limitation? How We Can Become More Fully Who We Are

The Presence of Love: Reaping the Sweetness of the Divine

Divine Love and Healing: Aligning with Receptivity

Recognizing Resistance: Learning to Embrace the Process of Creation

Understanding the Spiritual Nature of Expansion

Choosing Ease: Opening to the Influence of your Soul

Helping the Personality Choose Ease: Inviting Higher Flows  

The Personality and Service: Extending our Gifts out into the World

Opening the Heart: Embracing the Spiritual Dimension in our Lives

Releasing the Past: Relinquishing What no Longer Serves You

Cellular Expansion and Healing: Creating Ease, Health and Connection

The Role of Consciousness in Illness and Life: Moving beyond the Mind

Creating Soul Relationships: Living as Your Essence in Daily Life

Relationship as a Doorway to Evolution: Opening the Divine

Creating with Intention: Building a Bridge to Higher Consciousness

Connection-the glue that binds us all

Healing and Holidays: Creating the Holidays you Desire

Making Choice: Learning to Create with Energy

Understanding the Energetics of Addiction

The Secrets of Healing as Revealed by Animals

Making Peace a Choice, Every Day

Earth Changes

Business as Energy

Using Energy to Create a Shift

Opening to Partnership with Spirit