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Animals & Healing

Cellular Expansion and Animals
Animals are highly receptive to the energy of CE. Each animal has an energy system, including chakras, just like human beings.

Often very sensitive, animals respond to the world around them from a place of energy. Wild animals rely on a heightened sense of awareness for survival, food and mating.

Although animals display emotions such as joy and fear among others, they do not store the residue from life experiences as deeply in their systems as people do. As a result, healing often occurs more quickly and with greater ease. Fewer sessions or deeper change is usually noted.

Releasing Energy
Animals discharge or release energy in several ways, most often through movement, such as changing a position or walking away. An animal may also vocalize (bark, etc.) or dig/scratch.

Distance Healing
Because most animals respond best in a familiar environment, we suggest distance work. Even a calm, well-adjusted animal will have added stress to his or her system by traveling to an office with new smells, etc. Time is then needed to develop trust and put the animal at ease.

During distance work, animals often take in the energy that is offered in a deeper way. Distance healing for animals using cellular expansion energy medicine. A stressed animal will often receive the energy more fully in their own home.
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In addition to Deb Schnitta, the originator of CE, many of our graduates are trained in distance work and may offer sessions to animals.
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Learning from Animals
As many animal lovers will attest, animals may at times be our greatest teachers. They demonstrate unconditional love; can teach us about patience, partnership and many other things. Some incredible stories of animals saving the lives of their owners with heart attacks, seizures and other health conditions have been reported. Of course they can also teach us about healing.

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The Secrets of Healing as Revealed by Animals by Deb Schnitta

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