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Spiritual Development

Opening to the Larger Aspect
In addition to life issues, health concerns and learning to live a life of joy and love, CE is invaluable for spiritual development.

It may be the emerging clairvoyance, the ability to hear guidance or the presence of peace that emerges from within that first gets the attention of the spiritual seeker. However all of these are simply openings into the larger aspect of spiritual development and the expression of the soul and essence light out into the world.

As the teacher of this modality, I am constantly humbled at the profound transformation that I am honored to witness both during the practitioners’ training and for individuals receiving sessions or using our energy programs. CE holds the evolving student in a loving and inclusive way that encourages the deepest expression of each being out into the world.

Three Phases

Spiritual Development falls into three recognized phases, all of which complement one another.

1.    Transforming the Personality
The individual begins to assess their inner self by acknowledging and beginning to move through old routines, habits and perceptions that are having a negative impact. This allows the personality to soften its hold on how it thinks the world should be. This phase repeats throughout spiritual development.

2.    Purpose is the Expression of the Soul
A realization that life is not limited to cause and effect is discovered and as the personality slows its habitual responses and looks deeper within, it feels the aliveness and peace associated with the Soul. The evolving joy that emerges from this phase allows for greater ease in everyday life. Conscious connection with the Soul is required here.

3.    World Service
Each Soul has its own unique contributions and expressions, yet the desire to join with something larger and have lasting impact is the distinction of this phase. Life lived from here mirrors the inner growth that occurs and encourages that growth to unfold. Meditation, energy awareness and learning to create with energy are all necessary skills at this level as well as the second level of spiritual development.

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